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  • How do I book an event?
    To book an event, one of our representative will send you an Invoice. The event date is finally booked, when a deposit amount payment is received. Inportant note: Estimates and Invoice are not the same. Estimates is only a quote for the event. The event is not booked and date reserved until is converted to Invoice and deposit payment is received.
  • I have a Quote, is my event booked?
    In order to have an event booked with us, an Invoice must be generated and a deposit paid. Be aware that an Estimate (Quote) is not an Invoice.
  • How soon we need to make a decision to make the event?
    We recommend to have a decision for the event within 10 days after the Quote is sent. It will be void automatically after 10 days and a new Quote needs to be created. Having a Quote is not a reservation for the event.
  • How soon do I need to reserve a date and time?
    We recommend to reserve a date and time the sooner the better to guarantee the service. We can only do some amounts of events per day, and it depends on the availability by the time of the reservation.
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