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A Waiter Serving a Drink


Welcome to Garcia's Paella Catering, where we take pride in delivering not just exquisite culinary experiences but also seamless service that adds a touch of sophistication to your events. Our dedicated waitstaff services are designed to elevate your gathering, ensuring that you can focus on enjoying the moment while we take care of the rest.

Professional Waiters at Your Service: Our team of highly trained and professional waiters is here to make your event a success. From private celebrations to corporate functions, our waitstaff brings a level of expertise and attention to detail that is unmatched. With years of experience, our uniformed waiters understand the importance of creating a seamless and enjoyable dining experience for you and your guests.

Service Details:

  • Pricing: Our waiter services are priced at $35 per hour, with a minimum booking requirement of 4 hours. This ensures that our team has ample time to set up, serve, and wrap up the event smoothly.

  • Uniformed Staff: Our waiters arrive in uniform, presenting a polished and professional appearance that complements the elegance of your event. We believe in not just meeting but exceeding your expectations when it comes to service excellence.

  • All-Inclusive Service: To make your experience hassle-free, we bring all the necessary equipment needed to perform the job seamlessly. Whether it's setting up serving stations, managing the buffet, or attending to your guests' needs, our team comes prepared.


Why Choose Our Waiter Services?

  • Reliability: You can trust our experienced team to be punctual and reliable, ensuring that your event runs smoothly from start to finish.

  • Customer Focus: Our waiters are trained not just in the art of service but also in providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your guests. Your satisfaction is our priority.

  • Versatility: No matter the size or style of your event, our waitstaff is adaptable and can cater to a wide range of occasions, from intimate gatherings to large-scale celebrations.


At Garcia's Paella Catering, we understand that every event is unique. Allow us to enhance your special occasion with impeccable service. Book our waiter services today, and let us bring a touch of elegance to your next event.


"Experience seamless, worry-free celebrations with our exclusive bartender service. Elevate your event with skilled and professional bartenders who bring flair and expertise to your gathering. Our service requires a minimum booking of 4 hours at an attractive rate of $45 per hour. We provide all the essential equipment, ensuring a well-stocked and efficiently run bar. Please note that the bar itself is not included by default, but if needed, kindly notify us in advance for a complete and tailored experience. Cheers to unforgettable moments!"

Mixologist Preparing a Drink
Wedding Table Set

Tableware-Miscellaneous Services

"Elevate your event with our premium tableware and miscellaneous rentals. Choose from a selection that includes water or wine cups ($1.95), white dinner plates ($1.95), white dessert plates ($1.95), and crisp white napkins ($1.70). Complete your dining experience with a set of silverware ($5.10) or add a touch of sophistication with elegant chafers ($65). Affordable, stylish, and convenient – make your celebration memorable with our high-quality rentals."

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